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AppSuit Radar

Cyber Security Solution

Cyber Security Solution
Cyber Security Solution Cyber Security Solution
Radar Mobile App Threat Monitoring Cyber Security Solution
Appsuit Radar is an intelligence based monitoring cyber security solution that responds against advanced mobile cyberattacks by predicting and analyzing cyberattack data

Main Functions

  • Collection of cyberattack data
    Collects and manages the cyberattacks data of the apps distributed in millions of devices in the central cloud
  • Zero-trust Approach
    Constant monitoring and analysis/response of all expected attack situations
  • Integrated Monitoring
    Cloud-based integrated monitoring/security platform for mobile hacking threats
  • Analysis and Visualization
    Analyzes collected data and visualizes statistics

Example of Product Use (Real-time threat analysis screen)

Cyber Security Solution


  • AppSuit AI analysis on the accumulated global cyberthreat data (collected on 50 million devices with AppSuit applied apps)
  • Prediction and response against various cyberattacks
  • Technical support from STEALIEN hacking/security expert group against cyberthreats
    (Won awards in several international and national hacking contests and has experience of finding 0-day vulnerabilities of global vendor companies, such as MS and Google.)