Penetration Testing


AppSuit Lite

High-end Penetration Testing

Attack-based security consulting by top level hackers

Attack-based security consulting

- Find a vulnerable of client by the way of attack from a real hacker
- Provide a security plan to protect vulnerable


- Progress with real attack from high level hacker so there is
  different with normal security consult which is based on check-list

High Quality technical consulting

- About problem of hacking protection that you are worring,
  we are performing a highest level of technical consult

(Critical) Find vulnerable 100%

- Upgrade security through attack in every area
- A real security for a real hacking
- Improve importants of security in several department

Example of Attack scenario

Analysis Vulnerable and write a scenario

- Analysis a vulnerable with same way to attack from external attacker

- Deduct a possible scenario by connecting every vulnerable

- Not just a perfunctory attack or perfunctory scenario, collect informations about target,
   and perform a real attack through a scenario which is specialized to client

Way to maintain

- Apply all of attacking way that hacker is able to use

- About internal or exteranl webservice, progress an attack by SQL injection, detour certification,   download file, take webshell, capture admin page etc